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4 Ways to Include Reading in Your Child's Bedtime Routine

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Including reading in your child's bedtime routine can be a great way to help them learn. One of the best ways to include reading in your child's bedroom routine is with Sophie & Stephie: The Adventures of the Travel Sisters. Keep reading to find out how and check out our books today!

Create A Schedule

Reading is a calm activity that provides a familiar space for your child before bedtime to get comfortable and relax their minds for a restful night's sleep. Keeping a regular schedule in place for reading can encourage them to look forward to it every night. Choose a time in the evening with no distractions to relax and wind down for the day with educational books for kids.

Make It Interactive

Set up a reading routine in a fun and interactive environment. Having fun with the story while you read by using creative voices and sounds will encourage your child to participate in the story. The adventures of Sophie and Stephie provide many opportunities for fun and creativity. As you follow the sisters on the adventures, you can join in on the fun and act out the story with them.


Choose the Right Material

The key to successfully incorporating reading into your child's bedtime routine is to find children's books your child really enjoys. The more interested they are in the story, the more they'll look forward to their bedtime routine. If you're looking for fun books your child will love, Sophie and Stephie's travel adventures are a great place to start. This children's book series has fun lessons and stories from all over the world that will engage your child's curiosity with every page.

Be Consistent

Children love predictability in their routines. So it can be helpful to have a consistent book or series that you read. Each night, following along a continued journey helps keep your child focused and engaged during reading. The Sophie and Stephie book series has a range of adventures for you to journey through each night. Each book takes you on a different adventure to expose your child to new things while they become familiar with the characters and sisters along the way.

Help your child learn and grow through a consistent reading routine before bed. Start an adventure with the Sophie and Stephie children's books and begin to foster a love of reading with your child. Check out our books today and explore the benefits of educational books for kids.