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Travel The World With Sophie and Stephie

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The Adventures of Sophie and Stephie is a book series that features sisters Sophie and Stephie. The duo explores the world with their fun pets and learn important lessons about geography, history, customs, traditions, languages and different countries. Read to find out more about how this series can help develop your childs understanding of diversity and learn more about different cultures.

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Help Your Child Understand The Importance of Reading

This series is designed to engage your child into reading. Reading is one of the most important aspects of development and helps to ensure a bright future for your child. Think about all of the series you read as a child and how they were ultimately implemented in your life. Reading helps to grow skills within development, especially when it is introduced at an early age.

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Help Immerse Your Child Into Other Cultures

Understanding the diversity of cultures is so important when it comes to raising a child. Our series explores different parts of the world, showing the difference between cultures. Sophie and Stephie travel all across the world to show your child what is out there and inspire them to explore the world themselves. Introducing different cultures at an early age will help your child understand the importance of diversity and understanding.

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Help Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Sophie and Stephie run into situations during their travels that require critical thinking. Teaching your children to learn critical thinking skills will help them to resolve situations in the future. Learning critical thinking skills can be challenging but our series helps to expand those skills and make them more diverse.

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Spend Time Expanding Your Child’s Education

You only have so much control when it comes to helping your child’s development in the future. Spending time with your child and going through this series of books will help your child learn the skills they need to develop and will allow you to spend extra time being a part of their process.


Help your child grow the skills they need to be able to understand diversity. The Adventures of Sophie and Stephie will help to provide the skills your child needs in order to be diverse and understanding in the future. Check out our website to pick out a book to begin working on your child’s development today!