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What are the Top 4 Benefits of Reading?

It is no surprise that redding comes with a lot of benefits. Whether you read for pleasure, or it is something you have to do on a daily basis for work, it is important to get comfortable with reading at a young age in order to get all of the benefits! At Otiko’s Children’s Books, our series of books takes the reader on an adventure with the Travel Sisters as they explore the world and take on new challenges. With our books, you can help your child learn the importance of reading and learning other essential lessons. Keep reading to learn about the top four benefits of reading and shop our series online today!

Exercises the Brain

One of the biggest benefits of reading is that it exercises your brain! When you read, your brain has to use many different functions and create awareness to help you understand what it is you are reading. As you read, your brain has to work hard to process information and translate it into something that you understand.

Helps With Literacy

Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and help with your conversational skills! Children who start reading at a young age can have a better understanding of vocabulary and are able to implement the words they learn into real world situations.

Improves Concentration

It is no secret that it can feel hard trying to get your child to concentrate on something. However, reading causes the reader to use the prefrontal cortex which is the part of the brain that is responsible for concentration. By taking the time to read, you can help your mind and body understand how to concentrate!

Increases Overall General Knowledge

Reading can help you to form new memories which you can look back upon and use in daily life. By reading, you can increase your overall general knowledge. Even by reading children's story books, you can help your child learn how to handle situations, how to expect life changes, and even how to socialize. They can then use what they learned in the real world!

There are many benefits to reading and it is important to provide your children with books that excite and engage them so that they want to read! At Otiko’s Children’s Books, you can find a series of children's books designed to help your child get all of the best benefits out of reading. Help your child get interested in reading and shop our series of books online today!

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