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As a parent interested in raising global citizens, I absolutely adore this series. Join this darling duo as they travel the world together. Engaging and charming, the Travel Sisters' adventures are sure to capture your child's imagination.

Bonnie G., business owner, mom of two

I love the books! Even as an adult, I learned a few things. The illustrations are fabulous! I spent time on every page just enjoying the artwork.

Trudie O., retired teacher, grandmother of five

In this beautifully illustrated children's book series, full of vivid imagery, we travel along with the Travel Sisters, who take us to magical places around the world. I found this series very well thought out and well written. The illustrations are colorful, fun, and beautiful. A great educational gift to all the kids!

Chryssanthy K., production designer, mom of two

I love the artwork, the Travel Sisters' characters, their pets, the colors, design, and overall vibe. Globik makes the adventures so much fun!

Tony P., talent manager, father of three

These travel books are bright, memorable, and fun to read. Exciting adventures, which make you want to turn the page, yet incredible illustrations, which captivate you and keep you on the page, gazing in admiration. I highly recommend this series to all young children curious to learn about the world.

Natalia B., artist, mom of one

Sophie & Stephie travel books are captivating, educational, and simply delightful! Children learn about different places and cultures while joining the Travel Sisters and their fun pets on the engaging missions. What a fun idea and such a creative implementation!

Olga A., English teacher, mother of two